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Our Weekly Diary

Baby: Weeks 7 and 8

Rory smiled and giggled for the first time this week! I’m also learning a lot more about myself and wish I was more decisive.

Baby : Week 6

This week, Rory’s been in his car seat and experienced some fun London activities. That’s why he’s wearing his fave London bus outfit -he’s had a good week

Baby: Week 5

I’m starting to feel a bit more like myself again! This is partly because of a sunny day out in Kew and partly because I’m prioritising sleep more.

Pregnancy Weeks 38 And 39

I can’t believe how big my bump is now! I’ve got so many aches and pains and I’m finding it hard to sleep. I hope the baby comes soon.

Pregnancy Week 37

There’s been no rest for the wicked! I’ve only got three weeks to go, but I worked the red carpet at a major event, I had my baby shower and I went for a lovely lunch with family.

Pregnancy Week 36

I’ve packed my hospital bag and we’ve toured the birth centre. With one month to go until the birth, I’m finally feeling more prepared.

Pregnancy Week 35

Just when I was getting seriously worried about the lack of preparation we’d done to make room for our new arrival, my fiance and I took a trip to Mothercare. We bought A LOT! I’m pretty impressed by the value for money though.

Pregnancy: Week 34

We are officially middle-class paid-up members of the NCT and we had our first class in a private room of The Duke’s Head, Putney. There were pros and cons