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Baby: Week 10

In which Rory becomes more fun

There’s no doubt that I have struggled with motherhood. Reading some of my old ‘Weekly Diary’ posts makes me quite emotional. The pain, the sleepless nights and the confusion of the early days is still raw. I went from barely leaving the house to manically cramming in too many activities into one day so that I had no time to think about / miss my old life.

But now Rory is starting to smile and starting to grab things, which means I get to see when he’s genuinely happy. Now I can see what makes him giggle and laugh, I can do more of those activities and this makes me feel really satisfied. Ok, it’s not the same as buying a new pair of shoes / wearing those shoes to a celeb party / gossiping with a friend over dinner in a nice restaurant / watching a new film release at it’s premiere / drinking and dancing until dawn but it’s nice in it’s own way. It’s healthier for a start (so the baby weight is starting to come off) and it triggers a deep love all the way down inside of me, while things like shoes and Champagne only make me happy on a superficial level, I suppose.

Don’t get me wrong as I still don’t feel like I’ve got the perfect balance between baby / me / work. The baby still takes up most of my time and my fiance and I still haven’t had a night out. I’ve been to two work events in 10 weeks compared to two a night! However, enjoying my time makes up for a lot. Also, I can see that he’s developing, which means it will be easier to leave him with a babysitter in future and I can visualise the time when I will be able to do more work and have some ‘me’ time. Does that sound selfish? I think it does a bit….But I don’t think it’s healthy to completely abandon my old life all at once and I don’t want to. Surely having some breaks from the baby will make me appreciate him more, just like when I have a break from work I come back feeling more refreshed.

Anyway…I do feel that Rory and I have bonded this week because we’ve been doing activities that we’re both getting something out of. The activities are stimulating Rory’s senses and making him giggle and I’m feeling satisfied as I can see that my son is happy.

These are some of our highlights:

go here (1) Mothercare

Rory’s too young to get the retail therapy buzz, but he does like the lights in our local Mothercare store at Kew Retail Park. For some reason, it’s really well-lit. He was on high alert from the moment he walked in the shop and started to talk to me. When other shoppers saw this, they came over to join in and Rory loved being the centre of attention.  Whenever a stranger came over, he smiled at them and interacted. I could look at that like he can’t distinguish between me and everyone else but I prefer to imagine that it’s just because he’s a well-mannered child.

We left with some comfy sleepsuits and some smart outfits and I cannot wait to get him in them and show off!

follow url (2) Hartbeeps 


This is a music and sensory class that takes place in various locations across West London and it’s 45 mins of non-stop fun! Babies go on a journey in Hartbeeps through music and storytelling. We went to the farm, to the circus and to the moon in our class and we were told it would change next week.

I’ve never seen Rory smile so much as he did when we sang these songs and I danced with him and gently massaged him. He was so worn out at the end of the class that he fell asleep on the way home and stayed asleep for a whole hour once we were at home (instead of waking up as soon as we reach the front door). We’ll definitely go back to this class because I enjoyed it as much as him. I loved the way the room had been decoarated with a colourful green carpet, a gold sequin sun and colourful blankets to lie on. If you told me a year ago that I’d find myself at that class with a baby, I’d have thought you were mental but I went and I really enjoyed it.

go (3) Sensational Butterflies at the National History Museum

During the summer months (until 11 September), a pop up marquee goes up at the side of the Natural History Museum and it’s filled with butterflies. I took Rory because I wanted to go. I hoped he might look around at the coloured butterflies but I wasn’t entirely convinced that he would because I’m not sure that he’s focusing on objects. It turns out that I underestimated him as he could definitely spot the butterflies. You can see this from the pic below – follow his eyeline and there’s a butterfly.


I want to do a separate blog post about this soon as it was an amazing day out!

(4) A playdate in Putney

One of the girls from my NCT class has a baby boy who is 6 weeks younger than Rory and so we took them on their first ever play date at a cafe in Putney. I really enjoyed the adult company and I wasn’t the only one as Rory loved her company too. He literally LOVED being held by her.

Also, when I’m sat in a cafe and gossiping, Rory is happy to sit and chill on my lap. But if I ever sit down at home and watch TV, he cries because he’s bored. I know how he feels! Like mother, like son – we both enjoy going out and about.

(5) My Hen Do!

This wasn’t meant to happen at all, but my parents booked a last-minute holiday without checking their calendar and my fiance works on Saturdays. Going on my hen do with a baby wasn’t ideal but Rory did love the attention from my female friends. I have to do a blog post about this as I never imagined how easy it would be to take a baby to a place like Sketch in central London (where we went for drinks).

Now I’m praying that Rory and I continue to have fun next week. In fact, I’m going to start planning what we’ll do. If you have any suggestions, please let us know – we’re on social media @babyvipsblog.


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